Just Released in E-Book on iTunes and Amazon.com

Amy’s Quest: A Novel Amy sucks in a breath and curiosity steps in. “Tom Adkins? What in the world?” She opens the door and standing there, leaning against the wall sucking on a blade of grass, stands Tom with his tanned muscular arms and slender body. Suddenly, memories from years gone by, flood Amy’s mind.Continue reading “Just Released in E-Book on iTunes and Amazon.com”

What are some Sexual Behavior Warning Signs in Children or Adolescents you should know?

Originally posted on Cyber Support Group:
It is not always easy to tell if child sexual abuse is happening especially if the possible abuser is another child. Remember, you are not on your own; you only need to decide that it would be helpful to have someone else look at what is going on. Do…

Child Sexual Abuse Includes Touching and Non-Touching Behaviors

Originally posted on Cyber Support Group:
Touching behaviors include: Touching a child’s genitals (penis,testicles,vulva,breasts, or anus) for sexual pleasure or other unnecessary reasons. Making a child touch someone else’s genitals, or playing sexual (“pants down”) games. Putting objects or body parts (like fingers, tongue or a penis) inside the vulva or vagina, in the mouth,…