Book – Waiting for release





Excitement is building as I await the completed published book I have written. Oh, this isn’t my first published book. I have 6 others out there for the readers enjoyment but with each new endeavor to bring a story into the literary world I still get excited.

“The Narrow Road” is my latest creation. It’s the true testimony of faith and perseverance through a lifetime of trials and tribulations. It’s a real “page turner,” if I do say so myself, as well as others who read the manuscript.

At book signings I often hear people state dreamily, “Ohh I’ve always wanted to write a book.” I don’t tell them they have no idea what getting a manuscript published entails. First, the time we spend writing the story. My first book, “Laying Down my Net – A Walk of Faith” took me over a year to write.

Next is finding a reparable publisher to accept what I have written. Rejection letters are difficult to swallow and many may give up in discouragement. But I didn’t and 7 books later I know the Lord will lead me to the publisher He wants me to use. It never fails, my manuscript is accepted right off the bat.

And yes, there are publishing fees that can be quite expensive.

Now, it takes much longer to go through the publishing process than it does for me to write the book! Editing the Bio’s, Acknowledgments, prologue, and dedications, not to mention every word of the story.

There is also the desire for finding other authors, pastor’s, etc. who are willing to write an endorsement for my story. Which means they need to read the story before they can approve it and recommend it. I praise God for those who have taken the time to do that for my books.

Formatting and page design are extremely important once all the editing is done. This all takes time and the process seems to take forever, at least it seems that way to me. The cover design, and the final product all have to be approved by me as each process is undertaken.

Great news –

I have finally approved, after much back and forth correcting and making needed changes, all the editing, formatting, and page design. Next is the creation of the cover. I’m so excited to see what the publishers artists create from what I told them I want. That’s another process that takes time. I tell them what I want, they do the drawings, I approve or make changes and it goes back and forth until the cover is exactly what I want.

Better news –

The book goes to print and bingo – I have another book that will soon be out there in the literary world for all to enjoy.

The writing of a story that seems to well up from deep within our spirit is exciting and hard work and to see that final finished work in book form is gratifying, but the best blessing, to me, is having someone say, “I loved your book!”

Wait for it…

Hopefully, and with great expectation, “The Narrow Road,” will be released soon.