Been There – Not Going Back

Her fingers are cramped, her back hurts, her eyes burn, and her neck feels as though its frozen in place as she sits slumped over the legal pad as her pen skirts across the paper filling page after page as it writes a new chapter in her book. “Take a break, child.” The Lord whispersContinue reading “Been There – Not Going Back”

Pedophiles Groom Both The Child And The Family

Posted on March 1, 2019 by Sue Cass Up to 95% of child sexual abusers are male (Bagley, 1995). They can be single, married and have families of their own. Up to 1/3 of reported offenses are committed by adolescents (Bagley, 1995). 95% of abusers will be known to the family (Child Protection Council, 1993). They will beContinue reading “Pedophiles Groom Both The Child And The Family”

The Importance of Setting Boundaries in Your Life

Originally posted on Cyber Support Group:
Health Alert News  Many people believe that it is selfish to set boundaries. However, it is important for you to set boundaries in your personal life and professional life. There are many ways that you can benefit from setting personal and professional boundaries. Save Stress  If you do not…