I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories – “We’ve Been Warned”

The wind is blowing moving the leaves on the tree branches as though God is blowing a big breath across the land. A Man walks across heavens field and looking around announces, “I am coming. Look up all ye that believe.” The sound of horse’s hooves echo across the sky and thunder rolls vibrating allContinue reading “I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories – “We’ve Been Warned””

I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories – “The Heavenly Courtroom”

Originally posted on Sue's Pen 2 Paper Blog:
? The Heavenly Courtroom No jury sits in this court room. No spectators fill the room. You won’t hear whispers echoing across the aisle. The silence is almost deafening. Only four people will be in this trial. At one table, facing the Judge is the Defense Attorney and…

I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories – “The Last Stop.”

A whistle breaks the silence, wheels speed across the tracks, smoke billows filling the air with white steam as the train speeds along the tracks. There’s only one car to this train and only two stops. It’s filled with passengers from all walks of life. A lady, dressed in fine silk, jewels dangling from herContinue reading “I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories – “The Last Stop.””

I’m Not Less Than…

In every home there is usually some sort of do’s and do not’s lain down for the children. Don’t run in the street, don’t touch the stove fire, take the garbage out, make your bed, don’t hit your sister/brother. Each child is taught what they should and should not do. But what about healthy boundaries?Continue reading “I’m Not Less Than…”