In the Darkness of Night

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It was a dark night with only the moon shining slightly through the darkness. The birds are quietly sleeping tucked way in their nests. The lions slink about through the brush waiting for a rabbit, a rodent, a stray dog or cat; anything that might wet their appetite.

Sitting at the foot of a tall tree a man sits munching quietly on an apple. He gazes up at the moon through the dark branches of the trees. Crunch, crunch can softly be heard as he chews the last of his apple.

Not far from him is another man. He leans against a tree trunk sucking the sweet nectar from the stem of a Honeysuckle flower, waiting. Waiting for what? He has no gun so he isn’t a hunter. He has no bow and arrow so he isn’t out to kill in the silence of the night. Or is he?


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by Sue Cass


For 18 long years of being sexually, physically, emotionally, and psychologically abused that’s what my abuser told me.

God has proved him wrong!

INTO THE LIGHT MINISTRY is a brand new ministry that I am now a part of through Abundant Life Church in Cumming, Ga. and I hope you will join me in proving to these abused women that Jesus Christ not only knows their pain, but is ready and willing to give them hope and healing.

INTO THE LIGHT MINISTRY is purchasing a home to have available for those who have been rescued from sex traffic. It will be a safe harbor, a place to heal from the atrocities they have been forced to experience, and a place to get on their feet. A place where they can meet Jesus and learn about Him, experience His love, compassion, and healing.

Please help us to help these women. Your prayerful donations, even small amounts, will help to bring hope and healing. Every cent goes directly to provide this safe haven home. (There are very few of these homes available) Become a partner in God’s work and watch how He will bless you and these hurting souls.



Into The Light Ministry is a 501c3 tax deductible ministry.

Thank you so much and blessings to you.

Sue – a victor in Christ over sexual abuse.


Sue's Pen 2 Paper Blog

YOU CAN VIEW ALL OF THESE INGREDIENTS ON THE CDC’S WEBSITE. I encourage everyone to do their own research. Look up the MSDS on these chemicals. Read the thousands of peer reviewed studies that have evaluated the biological consequences these chemicals can have on the body, especially when being injected.


✅INGREDIENTS TO VACCINES – You CANNOT make an educated decision without being educated.
Here are just SOME vaccine ingredients.
These are being INJECTED into your kids;
◾️Formaldehyde/Formalin – Highly toxic systematic poison and carcinogen.
◾️Betapropiolactone – Toxic chemical and carcinogen. May cause death/permanent injury after very short exposure to small quantities. Corrosive chemical.
◾️Hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide – May cause damage to the liver, cardiovascular system, and central nervous system. May cause reproductive effects and birth defects.
◾️Aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, and aluminum salts – Neurotoxin. Carries risk for long term brain inflammation/swelling, neurological disorders, autoimmune disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and autism…

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After the Story

At the end of every dark tunnel is light.


A few years ago, I conquered my metaphorical mountain. It was hard. The pain was emotionally, physically, and spiritually excruciating at times. Because survival was my imperative; my beacon, I didn’t give much thought to how I would feel once I processed my repressed memories. Intuitively, I knew that in order to live, I had to discover and accept the congruent timeline of a dark and deeply buried past, and then learn how to manage the triggers that sometimes rendered me feeling helpless and hopeless.

At times, I wondered, when my story is told and I am standing in my truth…What will happen next? How will I feel? How would I incorporate living with the effects of my trauma, and the resulting PTSD? Would I go from a person with “no past” to a person who was just a mental illness?

I knew I wanted to live my life with…

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