The Glowing Deer

Posted on by Sue Cass

Sitting quietly among the trees, I can hear the soft rustle of the leaves. The sun is glittering through a canopy of wilderness and it’s so quiet I can hear the beating of my heart.

Laying back against the rough bark on a tall tree and looking up toward the sky I can only catch glimpses of the blue through the tree tops and wonder how Christ ever imagined this in His minds eye. Was the sounds of birds and the smell of the damp ground a part of His vision?

In a dreamy state of wondrous imagination I look out beyond the trees. There stands a magnificently graceful gray and white deer. Her head is lowered as she leisurely nips and tugs at the grass beneath her feet. A twitch of her tail signals that she has sensed a foreign presence.

Sitting quietly while holding my breath, I’m afraid the least little movement will frighten her away. Slowly she lifts her head, and as I watch intently, it’s as though her smooth and sleek body begins to take on a glow. There’s a shimmering of brilliance radiating around her.

Trying to focus my eyes I’m determined to see more clearly. My legs cramp but I ignore the discomfort. The radiance about her body begins to hide the trees and underbrush behind her. Her eyes are directed at me, as though her vision can penetrate my flesh. She knows I’m here! I sit stone still and slowly she lowers her head and resumes her feeding.

Ever so slowly I move first one leg, just an inch, then the other leg. I must get closer! I must see what kind of special deer this is that can glow like the moon on a dark night. about:blank Report this ad

Moving as though in slow motion, I place one hand upon the ground. A twig cracks under the pressure of my palm. It sounds like a cannon exploding. Holding my breath I don’t dare move a muscle. My beautiful glowing deer merely blinks her eyes, twitches her white tail, as she continues her claim of the grass around her. Relieved, I release my breath in a long slow sigh.

While praying a silent prayer, I barely inch my body into a crouching position and continue to watch her while anticipation courses through my veins.

The glowing deer pays no attention to my clumsy attempts to sneak, ever so slowly, closer and closer. I can feel the grounds dampness penetrate the material of my pants and the coolness of the ground keeps me from feeling too warm from the afternoon sun. The smell of musty leaves is almost as intoxicating as the vision of the deer before me.

Suddenly, her head shoots up with an alertness of danger nearby. Her body is taunt. She is ready to bolt for safety. The air has become still and there’s a feeling of tension all about. The earlier breezes have suddenly stopped. Sucking in a breath and holding it, I halt all movement. Please God, don’t let me sneeze. Suddenly I feel something, something is on my face, crawling, stinging. I can’t reach up, I can’t move. If I even breath she’ll run. I must see what makes her glow and what that aura of beautiful shimmering light is that is encompassing her body.

Whatever the danger was is gone. She returns cautiously to eat her grass. Only her tail flickers occasionally to signal she’s still aware of her surroundings. Slowly placing one knee onto the soft earth, then the next knee, I cautiously lower one shaking hand after the other onto the moistened leaves. Inching my way another yard closer I gradually become within a foot of her.

Oh what beauty! Her gray hair shines with a sleekness of spun silk as the sun radiates upon her smooth back. I can count the strands of hair that shape her triangular white tail as it tweaks the soft air. The strong and graceful slim legs hold up her proud body and coal black eyes see beyond the trees to search out her mate or see danger lurking.

Can I touch her? If I move slowly, will she allow me to reach out my hand and stroke the softness of her coat? Can I put my hand into the light that encases her sleek and smooth body?

In a silent prayer I ask God to let me touch her, to let me feel what is in that light. Taking a deep breath I can feel something welling up inside of me. Slowly and deliberately I rise onto one knee and closing my eyes I reach out my hands. A warmth, a glow suddenly fills my body. A peace surrounds me, envelops me. I’m lifted to standing and as my eyes open a rush of sheer love and joy penetrates my every cell. As I continue to touch the glow around the deer I hear a soft voice coming from within the light. A voice full of love and melodious joy. Cocking my head slightly I can’t quite make out what it’s saying. about:blank Report this ad

As the peace and love swirl around me, flows through me, I feel as though I’m floating. I’m no longer able to see the deer but I can sense her presence. The soft voice speaks again, only this time it’s as though it’s right next to me. A soft whisper, “This is how heaven is. I love you.”

With my hands still reaching out my eyes open wide. I behold a brilliance so bright and so profound that I’m drawn to it. Is that where the voice came from? My senses are in tune to every whisper now, every note of melody as I float in the rapture of the love, warmth, and peace of the glimmering light.

Suddenly, from far away, I hear footsteps. Closer, coming closer. A shout bursts upon my senses. The words, “Wake up!” shatters my tranquil world. Gradually becoming aware of the bark of the tree gouging into my back, and my legs are stiff, I stretch out my arms and think to myself, “A dream. It was just a dream…or was it!”


Written by Sue Cass and may not be reproduced without express permission.

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